About Me
About Me
About Me
"North". Loosely inspired by locations in the Arctic Circle and areas near it like Iceland, the new setting is around the size of Canyon and arrives with three difficulty settings and two new bouldering challenges.  

ROLE Level Designer  
ENGINE CryEngine  
PLATFORM(S) PC (Oculus VR)  
RELEASE DATE December 5, 2016  

I was the main level owner of Cold Split, the second Boulder level in The Climb's 'North' DLC pack. My work included

My work included:

  • Initial research into the area and gameplay possibilities
  • Creating and maintaining (level-) documentation
  • Prototyping different grip types, ways to traverse and gameplay impacts such as headlights, time of day
  • Adjusting gameplay areas to fit different needs
  • From receiving the mission to handoff: whitebox layout, grip placements, scripting, event scripting, camera adjustments, collision, dialog implementation, optimization and adjusting pace or difficulty where needed.
  • Basic set / propdressing.
  • Iterating on internal and external feedback
  • Quality Assurance on my own work
  • Bugfixing
Environment Artists: Finn Meinert Matthiesen, Armin Chaudry, Tom Deerberg, Björn Wimar

Cinematic Designer: Tim Stieber

Art Director: Pascal Eggert

Lighting Artists: Damian Dawid Stempniewski, Christopher Campbell