About Me
About Me
About Me
Immerse yourself in Shaman: Spirithunter, a story driven action-adventure, where you scout and hunt depraved animal spirits to grow and unlock shaman powers. Once strong enough, you can finally face the elusive Great White Stag to bring about an end to the eternal winter ravaging his land. The very survival of your people depends on your skill as a hunter and spiritual shaman.  
DEVELOPER Playsnak GmbH  
ROLE Lead Level Designer  
PUBLISHER Playsnak GmbH  
ENGINE Unreal Engine 4  
PLATFORM(S) PC (Oculus VR)  
RELEASE DATE Cancelled  

Until my departure from Playsnak, I was the Lead Level Designer on Shaman: Spirithunter. I managed a very small team of level designers, and worked directly on the game. My responsibilities included:

  • Initial research into the theme, area, background and gameplay possibilities
  • Creating and maintaining (level-) documentation
  • Blockout of the space using BSP and meshes provided by the Art team
  • Enemy placement & adjustments
  • Placement of gameplay ingredients
  • Event scripting
  • Basic set dressing
  • Iterating on internal feedback
  • Quality Assurance on my own work
  • Bugfixing
  • Mentoring and supporting the level design and Art team

Environment Artists: Dennis Bölke, Jürgen Miersch, Dominik Luedtke

Playsnak GmbH