About Me
About Me
About Me
Go beyond boundaries in Robinson: The Journey, a brand new virtual reality game from Crytek. Harnessing the power
of CRYENGINE, Robinson: The Journey will offer players an unparalleled sense of presence in a game world as they assume the role of a young boy who has crash-landed on a mysterious planet. With freedom to explore their surroundings in 360 degrees of detail, players will become pioneers by interacting with the rich ecosystem around them and unearthing incredible secrets at every turn.

ROLE Level Designer  
PUBLISHER Sony Computer Entertainment  
ENGINE CryEngine  
PLATFORM(S) PlayStation VR  
RELEASE DATE November 2016  

I was the level owner of the Jungle, and the E3 demo set in the same level. My responsibilities included:

  • Blocked out the original "hub" setup for the game
  • Supported other level designers with their mission, most notably Pod and Spaceship
  • Initial research into the area, background and gameplay possibilities
  • Creating and maintaining (level-) documentation
  • Blockout of the space using CryEngine Designer
  • From receiving the mission to handoff: whitebox layout, grip placements, scripting, event scripting, camera adjustments, collision, dialog implementation, optimization and adjusting pace or difficulty where needed.
  • "Beehive" prototype and finalization
  • Basic set dressing
  • Iterating on internal and external feedback
  • Quality Assurance on my own work
  • Bugfixing
Environment Artists: Luke Adwick, Stefan Heinrich, Stephan Dammrau

Crytek GmbH, Sony Computer Entertainment