About Me
About Me
About Me
Yomi is a multiplayer level based around a Japanese fort in the jungle. As this fort has not been used for several years, plants have started to take over the complex. Now that the Marine Raiders are closing in on the Japanese forces, they are using the stronghold again to put up another fight!

This map is based on Loki's Marrakesh level for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
DEVELOPER Personal Project  
ROLE Level Designer  
ENGINE Call of Duty: World at War  
RELEASE DATE August 19, 2009  

My work included:

  • Initial research into the area
  • Creating 2d concept art
  • Recreating existing layout from scratch, matching the correct metrics of Call of Duty: World at War
  • From research to release:
    Creating geometry using brushes / patches, game mode implementation, entity/prop placements, texture creation and application, lighting and mood setups, level optimizations
  • Quality Assurance on my own work
  • Bugfixing

Original layout by Loki